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Don't Pay the Funeral Home Markup for Your Cemetery Monument!

Funeral Homes routinely inflate prices on headstones, monuments and markers by as much as 40% - There's absolutely no need to pay these exorbitant prices...

Save money and time by going directly to the source! 

Just Ask Our Satisfied Customers...

"A neighbor recommended we skip the middle man on the monument due to the high price markup (he is a retired Funeral Director).

Honestly I was reluctant because I didn't want to put more work on our plate, but Monuments Direct took our hand and made it extremely easy.

We got the same beautiful stone from the exact same supplier for much less money. Highly recommend!"

"I didn't even realize I was allowed to order the headstone on my own because funeral home made me feel like I had to do everything through them!

We wound up saving $400 and had a lot more options to choose from with Monuments Direct. They created a custom design that was very special.

Absolutely no surprises, everything went perfectly smooth. Thank you for treating my family right!"

– Denise Migliore, Dix Hills

– Jose Pagana, Commack


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